CMC Topic: Texting

7 04 2010

Cell phone text messaging has been widely regarded as an issue in many aspects within recent years especially its impact on teenagers and young adults. In a recent book by David Crystal called, Txtng: The Gr8 Db8, he brings up the issue that texting has spread like a wildfire among the younger generation and parents, teachers, and many concerned others are voicing their criticism of it. Yet, he explains that the “panic over texting has been misplaced”. Crystal is a world renowned linguist and the author on the uses and abuses of the English language, and he explains that texting is “far from hindering children’s literacy,” in fact texting actually helps.

On the other hand, we have people who are exactly concerned with the way texting has effected language. Many teachers and parents have voiced their concerns over “texting lingo” and how it mixes in with everyday language and even school papers. Phrases such as “lol” and “where r u” are making their way into school writing and teachers are worried that this is the effect of texting and it’s destroying the English language.

With this said, in my own opinion, yes, there are downsides to texting such as the current issues of driving and texting and how it makes us more prone to accidents. But, texting effecting our language is a much smaller issue, because it’s not only because of texting that language as changed for example the countless amount of abbreviations that we’ve come up with but it’s actually started way before texting ever came along. I remember these phrases were first introduced on the internet and chat rooms, not from texting, though texting might have led to the creation of more of these, considering texts are limited to 160 characters.

In my article, I want to discuss the CMC issue of cell phones and the controversies surrounding text messaging and its effects on society.

Crystal, David, 1941-, and Inc ebrary. Txtng the Gr8 Db8 /. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008. (image)




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